Traveller-AR Trailer

Are you brave enough to enter the Augmented Reality of Deep Space? Discover the galaxy of Traveller AR Mobile / iPhone MMORPG… and pray this isn’t your mayday call.

Traveller AR is the only iPhone space game to truly incorporate 3D MMO and RPG space elements to create an engaging iPhone RPG in a massively multiplayer environment.

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Become instantly immersed in the beautiful and deadly augmented reality of deep space.

Traveller AR Portal-View Technology™ Portal-View Technology™ lets you Augment the Reality around you, just as if you were looking out the portal of a real space-ship. Learn More


Explore a Galaxy’s worth of depth achieving new ranks, trophies, and levels for you and your ship in a true iPhone RPG environment.

Traveller AR HexMode™  MapHexMode™ lets you zoom out and engage in tactical combat, trading, and exploration… just like the Original Traveller Pen and Paper RPG. Learn More


Engage in exciting PvP or PvE battles or simply explore and trade for infinite replay-ability.

Traveller AR Nav-Wheel™ interface The Nav-Wheel™ interface lets you play the Traveller-AR iPhone MMORPG tactically and intuitively without getting in the way of the action. Learn More

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Augmented Reality

Don’t limit your gaming experience to your small iPhone Screen!  Unleash the entire sky or room around you as your gaming screen using the Augmented Reality of our RPG app.

Traveller-AR uses iPhone Augmented Reality to:

  • See a virtual 3D world over-layed on the real world through the window of your iPhone.
  • Allow you to move your phone around in real-space, and explore virtual space as though looking through a window to unreality.
  • Place you in the virtual world, near your actual GPS position.
  • Provide travel bonuses and trading bonuses based on your actual GPS position.
  • Discover and interact with other real players near your actual GPS position
  • Find yourself drawn in to an iPhone RPG environment never seen before, explore the universe in your own backyard.
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